Lake Pikrolimni Kilkis Greece

A few kilometers outside of Kilikis and 23km from Thessaloniki is located the Lake Pirrolimni and the Thermal Baths. The peculiarity of Pikrolimn is due to the black mud (natural salt clay) that exists in its bed. Pikrolimni has been known since ancient times with a different name.
It is shallow with an average depth of 1 meter. Its area ranges from 3.7 to 4.5 meters. Its bottom is composed of clay with sulfur compounds and nitrates. There are sources of mineral water and, because of the rocks, it has healing and cosmetic properties. The water of the lake, however, has high salinity (three times greater than the Dead Sea). In the lake there is a Cure and in summer the clay treatment takes place inside the lake on the specially shaped bank.

The complex of the Pikrolimno thermal baths combines the methods of clay and hydrotherapy. The temperature of the thermal water is 38 ° C Characterization: cold, acidic, metallic, humid thermal water

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