Chortiatis Thessaloniki

On the north-western slope of Chortiatis, at the entrance of the homonymous modern village, there is a large section of aqueduct, a water bridge. It is the famous Roman aqueduct of Chortiatis.

The waterbridge known as aqueduct of Hortiatis is saved today with total length 223m. It is made of stones and bricks the one over the other. Its thickness reaches up to 8m. in the north part . In the centre there are two big airy arched openings, the larger one with height 8,5m. and with biggest width 5,3m. At the highest point there was a rectangular pipe width 0,5m. That it could receive clay pipes for the transportation of water.

According to Professor M. Manoledaki, the aqueduct was built in the 1st century A.D. century. It is a monument that is the only one preserved in its kind in Central Macedonia. 

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